The Weston Super Half is delighted to say that we have a great team, of local, regional and national businesses, charities and organisations involved in this years' event. Our official sponsors and partners help us create an experience that is special for all who are involved and taking part. 


 Here, you can find out a little more about the great people and businesses that are helping us to deliver this fantastic event and we ask that you support them in return.

If you would like your business to become an official partner of the Weston Super Half, please get in touch by emailing info@westonsuperhalf.co.uk


Established as a single family owned garage in 1972, Howards have evolved into a multi-site group with dealerships not only in our home town of Weston-Super-Mare but also Taunton, Yeovil and Dorchester, we have 14 dealerships overall. With over 40 years of automotive heritage, we are proud of the experience and reputation we have gained for delivering quality products and services that our customers can trust. All of this is underpinned with the value and convenience expected from a modern retailer.

We are delighted to welcome Howards Motor Group as the official commercial sponsor for the Weston Super Half 2020.

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Creative excellence, designed, developed and delivered across the world.

WMP was established in 1984. Since then, they’ve grown exponentially. Our talented people now work across seven key specialisms – digital, exhibitions, graphic design, film and video, live events, product design and sports events.

Our offices in Oxford, London, Doha and Dubai take many forms, from countryside barns to city skyscrapers. This geographic diversity means that we deliver creative with impact, anywhere in the world. You’ll find our people and our work in German exhibition halls, on American TV, in Qatari malls, in English offices, in Peruvian mines, on Middle Eastern oil rigs and on Scottish roads.

With a dedicated core staff, and a wider team of handpicked, trusted freelancers, we are incredibly adaptive and flexible. We readily accommodate standalone projects which are small yet powerful, alongside fully integrated campaigns, which require enormous scale and global impact.

The possibilities are endless. Challenge us…


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This year WMP Events is partnering with what3words. what3words is the easiest way to talk about location. They have divided the world up into a grid of 3x3 meters squared and given each one a unique three-word address made up from words in the dictionary, which is all the information you need to refer back to that location. These 'three-word addresses' look like ///filled.count.soap which is the front of the what3words office in London. These addresses will indicate the real-world location of way-markers for this event and are a very useful way to report a medical incident to staff. Over 75% of emergency services use what3words to help them locate those in need. So for this event, we suggest that you download the app and make yourself familiar with it so you can easily find way markers or report incidents.




The Grand Pier in Weston-Super-Mare is an iconic landmark venue and family attraction, commanding the waterfront in the popular seaside resort. The Grand Pier is the ultimate 21st century indoor theme park, boasting wide class rides and attractions guaranteeing a fun day out for the whole family. The Grand Pier will be the hosting venue for The Weston Super Half where much of the race village will be located and the finishing line will be held.

To read more about The Grand Pier visit www.grandpier.co.uk

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Trees Not Tees are part of The Future Forest Company, a UK-based sustainable reforestation project focused on the regeneration at scale of degraded land in the UK, typically working with races to offer the option of planting a tree over taking another race t-shirt. Planting a tree is one of the very best things you can do for the environment – they suck excess carbon dioxide out of the air, they provide a home for a huge number of species and they give us clean air to breathe. Importantly, Trees not Tees follow an ethos of planting the right tree in the right place, ensuring forests are restored with a mixture of native tree species, such as oak, alder, birch and rowan. Choosing to plant a tree not only contributes to the planting of a whole new forest in the UK it also means that one less T-shirt is produced, Fast fashion is one of the worst polluters and contributors to climate change, and Trees Not Tees enables you to make a greener choice instead. At WMP we have gone a step further and will be planting a tree for every single participant in our races moving forward, which if we reach capacity will see 9,000 trees planted each year here in the UK. Each participant will receive a personalised e-certificate of their tree after the race, including the species, a photo of the sapling and what3words location to see the precise location of their tree.

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MyBibNumber is the event photography partner of this year’s Weston Super Half. They will be out on the course capturing all the highs and the lows of your run so keep your eye out for them and give them your best smile!

There will be a chance to sign up to their gallery before the event so that you are notified as soon as the photos are ready post-event so keep your eye out for this.


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JustGiving enables you to fundraise online quickly and simply. They are dedicated to giving fundraisers the technology they need to raise more and change more lives. With JustGiving you can raise money for a charity or a personal cause, and share your appeal on social media in just minutes.